Phd candidate Laura Henneke

Liste der Veröffentlichungen, Stand 11.2022

2021 Walkshop: Infrastructural Explorations, Laura Henneke & Louise Rondel. Sensing the City, RC21 Conference, University of Antwerp.
2021 Everyday aesthetics of the Belt and Road Initiative. Conceptualizing the „Belt and Road Initiative“ and its effects, University of Toronto.
2019 Infrastructural Explorations: Embodied encounters with urban infrastructure, Laura Henneke & Louise Rondel. Infrastructural futures across cities of the global north, University of Manchester Manchester.
2019 Infrastructural Explorations: Investigating the impact of infrastructure on the urban landscape of South Bermondsey, Laura Henneke & Louise Rondel. The Sociological Review Conference on Walking, Goldsmiths College, London.
2018 Logistic Hubs along the New Silk Road. Film as Method, Department of Geography, Cambridge University.
2017 Migration along the New Silk Road. Migrant Cartographies: Cities, Circuits & Circulations, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
2017 Yiwu: Starting Point of the New Silk Road [Talk]. Navigating Urban Life: Mobilities, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
2017 Yiwu, first stop on the New Silk Road: Shifting social and spatial dynamics in China [Talk]. Department of Sociology and Human Geography Lunch Seminar, University of Oslo.
2017 Yiwu’s Wholesale Market of Small Commodities: The Beginning of the New Silk Road. Transnational Production Spaces, Habitat Unit, Technical University Berlin.


2020 Henneke, Laura & Knowles, Caroline: Conceptualising cities and migrant ethnicity: The lessons of Chinese London. In: J. Solomos (Hrsg.): Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Racisms. Routledge.
2020 Henneke, Laura: Small commodities, big infrastructure. A visual essay on the socio-spatiality of commodity trade infrastructures in Yiwu, China. In: Articulo – Journal of Urban Research, 21, Art. 21.
2019 Henneke, Laura, Hughes, Vanessa, Rees, Peter, Rivera Volskoy, Ignacio, Takaheshi, Kaoru, & Walker, Sarah (Hrsg.).: Migration and Racism in post-Brexit UK. In: Graduate Journal for Social Sciences.
2017 Henneke, Laura: Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Rising Impact on Socio-Spatiality in European Cities. In: Mapping China Journal, 1(1), S. 116–123.
2015 Henneke, Laura: Harmony Through Commerce—How Yiwu Embraced Islam. In: MONU Magazine, 22 (Transnational Urbanism), S. 42–48.