Seminar SS 13 Reading the City

Reading the City

Darmstadt’s and Frankfurt’s urban environment as a mirror of architectural and planning paradigms

Mundus Urbano / ERASMUS

Seminar in cooperation with 'GTA'

Formales: 1 CP

Time: Mon. 22.04., 06.05., 03.06., 17.06. at 15:30 – 17:30 p.m.

Location: Walks through Darmstadt and Frankfurt

Start: Mon. 22.04.2013, meeting point at the Fountain on Darmstadt’s Marktplatz

Lecturers: Dr. Constanze Petrow, Design and Landscape Architecture, Dr. Ralf Dorn, History and Theory of Architecture

Participants: max. 20 (Mundus urbano, ERASMUS)

Language: English


The course comprises four walks through parts of the cities of Darmstadt and Frankfurt, which reflect leading ideas of urban design throughout centuries. With a special interest on building paradigms during Modernity, we will visit and discuss architecture as well as open spaces. In Darmstadt, we will focus on the extension of the city in the course of Industrialization, on its treasures of Art Nouveau and on the reconstruction of the city after World War II; in Frankfurt you’ll learn about the planned reconstruction of the old city center on Römerberg as well as of the development of new housing districts and great open spaces as a result of deindustrialisation and the city’s efforts to stay competitive under the conditions of service society.